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Research Grant Award

The ideal proposal will extend knowledge of, participation in, and support of internship/cooperative education in Ohio.  If you receive the award, you will be required to present your research results at the OCEA Conference in May and to allow OCEA to publicize your work.  The Research Award is up to $1000.  The recipient will typically receive half when the proposal is selected and the remainder at the following year’s annual conference.


Selection Criteria:

1.  Research will be evaluated on the aim or purpose of the research and the methodology employed.

2.  The research should have a specific and concise aim or purpose and should meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • The research is relevant and important to the field of internship/cooperative education (as a field or the State of Ohio).
  • The research seeks to provide new information about internship/cooperative education (as a field or in Ohio).
  • The research seeks to explore the implications or practical applications of the findings to the field of internship/cooperative education.

3.  The methodology will be evaluated by its clarity and strength.  While research need not necessarily be empirical or statistical, the methodology should allow for appropriate analysis, and be able to support any subsequent findings.  An explanation of methodology may include but is not restricted or limited to the following:

  • A clearly state hypothesis
  • Sample size
  • Method of collecting data
  • Analysis of results
  • Statistical evaluation of results
Application deadline is April 2, 2021.

2019 Winner:
Angela Gorny & Kalen DeCant, University of Toledo, Shah Center for Engineering Career Development

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